The Warm Up

In 2011 Mike fell during a ski race breaking his right lower leg in three places, this was surely the door on competitive skiing closing. Little did he know that this was about to open up the chance of giving his childhood dreams a chance, competing in motorsport.

2013 was a dark year as sadly Mike's dad, Tony, passed away the day after his 50th birthday. Mike took this as a sign to live life exactly how you want it to be, pushing toward your dreams and not looking back. Because at the end of the day we are all heading somewhere, why not at a 100mph+.

After [far too] many laps on the xbox a decision was made that Mike needed to go outside.... and he ended up coming back with a race car. This was the start of it all.

The Good, The Bad, And The Expensive. 

So far we have built a team that supports each other like family. Making sure the legacy of Tony continues in the work we do. Kindness and respect are key in all aspects, but know this once the visor is down don't get too close. After all, we know Close Racing...

THE Shakedown


Favorite cIRCUIT

Donington Park, East Midlands, UK

Podium Finishes


amount of car parts found in the house

More than whats on the race car

“I didn't want to be in the position where I could be bought out of a race, I'd rather be outclassed.

   Mike Close, Brands Hatch 2015 -   Jonathan Elsey , Race Report BRSCC