• Model - Mazda Mx5 MK1

  • Engine - 1600cc

  • Top Speed - She'll make point five past light speed

  • Colour - White

  • Name - Rose

Born in Japan in a small corner of the 90's she made the trip to the UK. After years of being trapped on the daily commute, she decided to leave it all behind for a new life. A top down kind of a life. After a quick wardrobe change and new set of shoes she was ready to hit the black stuff. Hard!


  • Name - Mike Close

  • Age - 31

  • Location - Northumberland

  • Licence - National A

  • Best Start Position - 1st in Class

  • Best Finish Position - 2nd in Class


Mike started his motor sports career after completing 10 years in the military as part of the Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers. A long time coming is an understatement, this is a classic example of 'car guy'.

It all started with the romantic gesture of settling down and getting that dream home for him and his girlfriend. It was only after months of measuring garages and rejecting perfectly fine homes that the confusion was too much for his girlfriend, Then, out of nowhere, it finally happened, the perfect house. The offer got accepted and the boxes were packed. The morning of the move mike disappeared. No where to be found. Then suddenly the garage opened. 

A shiny white Mazda MX5 peaked it's little nose out. 

It was finally home.


[To Lyndsay's surprise]


  • Mike - Driver, Director & Mastermind [on everything apperently]

  • Lyndsay- Master of All Things Behind The Scene for Close Racing LTD

  • Anthony - Team Mechanic in training

  • Matthew - Technical lead and Design Engineer (A.K.A Beer Fetcher)

  • Magg's - The Real Grown-Up & Supplier of all food and caffeine. (Also a natural bloodhound for power supplies!)

  • Dawn - The only person to keep Mike inline!

  • Thomas - Currently out of the office...


The Crew, The Team, The greatest support anyone could have in both business and family. 

Close Racing would not be possible without all the stupidity, uncontrollable laughter and the endless love. We share what we can and we take the hits together. It's just what we do, we're northern after all. 


  • Championship - BRSCC Mazda Championship

  • Drivers - 100 drivers registered for 2018

  • Events - 24 Races over 8 Weekends

  • Locations - 8 Top UK tracks

  • Media - Currently airing on Motorsport TV & YouTube


The BRSCC Race Events are like a pop up villages, they become home to many drivers and families for the weekend.

The Championship is known for being one with a spirit and a real nature for creating a social atmosphere. They even put on a good roast once in a while, but that did end up with someone tied to a tree and attacked with water pistols.... full of beer.