Where are we?


Well, I’m currently sat leaning over our coffee table in the living room with a candle burning next to me. That sounds a little bit too ‘romantic’ for a motorsports blog. However it is necessary with it being mid-jan after the AutoSport International Show and here’s why. The candle is a light producing object which means my electric bill can stay where it is, safely hidden in the back of the pancake draw (if you know the reference, you’re a legend *electronic fist bump*. Yep, January, the time that all motorsports return after a long 6 weeks off and rejoice in the Autosport show so we can have a fix before the season starts. That is if you dont have a mortgage to pay, or two dogs, or a hungry husband, I think you get my point.  

On a more positive note the Autosport show was really productive this year. We arrived all prepared with cards and presentations in hand. Quick side note - what is with the motor industry making us very aware that we need to hit the gym. Is it just us or do you notice that all these events and trips are just hugely spread out!  

S O   M U C H   W A L K I N G  ! 

Ok back to where I was, the show was fun this year. We decided to take the pressure off ourselves with going on the Friday which is a trade only day, we normally go with great intentions of obtaining sponsorship. Although with the team taking a sabatical in 2018 from competition; we really were there just to speak to people, find out what they did and what kind of mutual7 benifit we could be, that and a lot of stands have the good biscuits on the Friday. 

I can not explain the need I (Lyndsay) had for a foot rub and a pillow. We left at 1800hrs on the Friday to go back to the hotel and recap on everything that had happened that day.


Back at the hotel we caught up with the rest of the team and told them all about our meetings and the up coming year. Food. Bed. This time we felt the difference between sleeping in a clean warm bed and not collapsing into the back of a van which is normally, well, the standard at anything that has anything to do with racing. We swung by the AutoSport show on the Saturday for the first of the public days, and we took the rest of the team to see what all the fuss was about. 

Saturday at the show was so much busier as you can imagine but at one point I swear all of Birmingham has come along to join the que for the live action show. We ran into a few friends we have made along the way, Martin Tolly from Go4ItRacing, Brain from BC Cars, Tom Roche from Blenidi Motorsports & Car Chase Heroes, and the whole squad from the BRSCC including that of our illustrious leader and goddess Mandy Andrews. Not that we Spoke to him, but we also got to see the now legend Billy Whizz do some stunt driving in the show. 

We had fun, we played some games and we generally drank a lot of coffee. You need to understand that as a team we all run on a steady flow of bacon, biscuits and brew's. I'm sure when we get a bigger office we will have the mantra of the three B's plastered on the wall. A rule to live by for almost everyone under the Close Racing banner.

The evenings were filled with the usual face-planting-pillow manoeuvre we have come so accustomed to over the years. Yep, no big parties, no fancy outfits, we are a bunch of simple northerners who enjoy the little things in life. Not quite what everyone thinks A) Northern's do or B) the racing industry does on a big weekend away but that just how we roll. 

Home bound and reflection time.

It was good. The end.



Nah, on a serious note, I (lyndsay) should never be trusted to drive after a full day's work again nor shall I entrust Mike to give us directions. We got lost only once which was impressive. Our feet will not be speaking to us for at least the next week, however we had a few spur of the moment offers fly up and we accepted. So, you'll have to wait and see where we go this year and what on earth we do when we aren't racing.


This should be interesting for both of us...


Speak later,