Silverstone National 2017 - Finally A Flat Circuit!

OK, I take it back I'll have my hills! We were based over on the Silverstone National track which if you ever speak to any of the drivers who are lucky enough to drive here say they prefer the international rather than the new wing. I have to agree, the garages have more character the track was a mix of twist and turns keeping the fans entertained but I do have a down side.... why on earth is parc ferme that far away!! My lord. 

The weekend was rather successful and not just because we had the sunshine back. We were in a garage with a racing team called 'Go4It Racing' who shared knowledge of setup, tips on corners and taught us how to cook pizza at track side. We had a fantastic start to the weekend with mike getting a quick qualification lap time. Pushing him right up to the front of the B's. Which if you seen on social media or watched mikes race car streaming live you would have seen him come in 3rd place for race 1B.


Mike moved on up into the A races which after the final race on the Saturday showed his efforts kept him in the A's for the Sunday. We were proud! 

Mike starting in his best poistion yet must have give him a slight kick of adrenaline as he shot stright up to the mid pack. Although....... the cheers and screams (mainly from me I won't shy away I was the one who was stomping on the stands) was kept short as one of the 'Go4It Racing' guys, Capt. Jack Warry was the car in front of our Cpl 'Wor' Mike Close which decided to blow a bottom end. Massive amounts of panic!!! - mainly from me watching via the live stream and only seeing vast amounts of white smoke everywhere, mike had no where to go other than off the track. However it wasn't all a failure, mike zoned in on a good friend of ours and 2017 nominated nemesis, Russ Lindsay. They had a fantastic battle and a friendly overtaking session. It's darling, head over to our Twitter page to watch it. 


Silverstone was jam packed with jumping, running, a beer too many, and laughs. All in all, a fantastic weekend as always.  


And just to top it off. We got back to HQ in the same day. 

Mission achieved 👍🏻