Post-Race Melt Down

Our goal is always to make it back to HQ in the same day that we leave the race circuit. Now for many this is never a problem, however when your based in the last town before Scotland (excluding Berwick because that is literally on the border) and 99.9627374848729% of race tracks are based in the 'South' it can be a challenge.  

We have managed on occasion, failed on many more. However the post-racing debrief goes something like this...  

Reach the FRV (final  Rendezvous), pray we can think skinny enough to pull the van and trailer and luggeage passed everyone's cars, reverse our life into a drive, put race car bed, hook trailer back up, take back to trailer park, face meet pillow. 

Get up [what feels like] 12 mintues later - Go to work.  

The one thing no one tells you is just how much time it takes to do anything that includes a race car. It's like having children. I love our car but by gum it can be a pain. 

It most definitely has its highlight but at time it is testing. There is times where you want to stop, not have any more early starts and most certainly stop trying to keep each other alive while driving back after a race weekend. 

I may also be writing this as I currently see mike pulling in new tyres into our kitchen..... apparently we are out of space everywhere else. 

I'm just going to go lie down now...