WHAT A WORLD WIND WEEK (OK Month but it did not go with the title)

I feel like it has been a while.

OK so it has been a while. There has been so much going on that I am really unsure where to start, so I have decided to break it down into bullet points for you:-

  1. We took on the racing world by storm and sharply learnt what over a 1000 miles a weekend felt like in reality. Because in theory it went something like this: Go on a night out then drive 5ish hours to our hotel, have a few hours sleep and then go do some racey things, maybe have a nap and finish the day topped off with an early night. NO. That was the biggest lie ever. It went more like drive for 7.5 hours and then have 45 minutes in the hotel bed before dragging myself up, drinking my body weight in coffee and then going to the race track and being thrown in front of the TV camera for the first time. That footage of the weekend was an eye opener, mostly because watching it back my eyes were never open. I think it would be safe to say we might be getting a little old for this.
  2. We then decided to head on down to Silverstone to take on the TCR's!! This was exciting as it was the first of the first, in the UK at least..... well, it would have been exciting if it did not rain for the entire weekend. I found the TCR's intriguing and a good contender for an alternative Touring Car Championship. However the expected 'we are the top dogs' feeling in the paddock was more than I could chew but my personal opinions on that will remain personal. In fact the whole weekend felt quite lacking, something felt off. It was our first weekend with out the MK1's as the MK3's are moving from under the BRSCC Mazda squad and are going out on their own supporting the TCR's this year. There was just no umph. I drove home expecting to be counting down the hours and minutes untill Knockhill which is where we are coming back from this weekend, but I’m more in love with the idea that it’s closer to home rather than the actual racing. That was not a good sign, but I was happily proved wrong.
  3. Real life took over and so did the sunshine, it was a grand weekend off for once, but there was a very good reason, we had a special wedding to attend. There was celebrations, tears and dancing in the moon light. It was such a fine and natural sight. I am going to keep the details private but we do wish them all the happiness in the world.
  4. Van life. There is a certain place in my heart for our ex-ambulance that we are attempting to convert and that place is located in a very very dark, very hidden corner where I try to ignore all large, rusty, obnoxious objects. Like all things in this category I walk past them with a smile and eventually my brain just poofs them out of existence.
  5. Renovation time. The weather may be much more acceptable for the month of May, however I believe this called for the hammers and saws to be broken out. So far I have spent the majority of this month under a van that flakes rust like £!#%. It currently has no walls, no ceiling, half a floor and lots of holes that need filling in. I have heard a rumour throughout the workshop that we have some boat sealer? I stopped asking questions a long time ago.
  6. Filming is becoming a huge thing in our camp, and we may not be posting a lot for public to view right now, but please know this, they are terrible (you really would not want to watch them anyway!). Most of them are just shots of the two company mascots, Pip & Lucy. They are cute but terrible with a spanner (they use having no thumbs as an excuse, terrible). We are filming so we can see our progress and have the memories of how hard it was to get by so we can remember all our achievements. It will make a belly-jiggelling end of year reel, but maybe not so much for a full video.
  7. Accounts and paperwork. I may be a wiz kid at filing systems and enjoy a good organisation sesh' as much as the next pocket protector wearing geek, but my life, this was a mission. Although, in the process, we have come to meet some wonderful people and  some great teams, who, I believe that Close Racing Ltd can count on in the coming years. 

There has been a lot of talk about changes and new projects. These have been great fun to work on and most of it shouldn’t be hitting the shelf (tarmac?) until later this year but hopefully you lot will jump in the car with us once we do. It is definitely a fast way of learning how to have fun. 

See you on the track.