New Year, Same Goals

Where do we start.

Well I guess we will start as we do with all our old friends, “Ola! Oh my it has been too long, how are you, how are the kids? (clearly meaning the race cars)”. But on a serious note, it has been a while since we took the time to sit down and really talk. With saying that though, we have not had much time to sit down recently. We finished racing in October, awards night in November which if any of you have attended, know it takes a little while to get going again, December seen us welcome happy celebrations into our HQ with the marriage of our co-founders, Christmas then New Year, a constant flow of eating too much and sleeping way more. Which brings us smoothly up to now. 


In between all the excitement in the final few months of 2017 we decided to get a little more focused. We started planning for the new year, well it is just the year now. As I write this it is currently the 2nd and soon to be the 3rd of Jan. I will be honest that weird time of year in between Christmas and new year is just a no go, no effort, practically no movement - kind of a time, but now the New Years celebrations have been and gone we’re having our shakedown (in the office at least). Our focus has turned toward the Autosport show and what we can take from it, just a ‘heads up’ we plan on doing a vlog of our time there so keep an eye on our YouTube channel.


This year as a whole we have some exciting, but very different, times coming and we can’t wait to see how they turn out. With our driver taking a sabbatical this season we are looking to turn our attention to you lot. That’s right! We are looking at giving support to others, if trackside support is needed then we can be there, if you are looking for guidance or a different view on why you just can’t seem to carry the speed through old hairpin, we can be there, or if you are sick of watching we can be there. So don’t shy away get in touch and who knows what can happen? After all “shy bairns get nowt”.


We have over 16 events booked into our diary and we are still being asked to check out more. But it does not take much arm twisting to get us to down to a track. We have alot more videos coming up and we are focusing more on getting out there and taking you guys along for the ride. After a brainstorming session in the middle of the night, we came up with the idea of creating a space where we show what it is like to be a starting, a young race team. 


Three years ago we starting trailing the Internet, lurking in the back of Waterstones and speaking to everyone who would give us 5 minutes of advice. When you start tipping your toes into the big world of race tracks and spanner sizes (who knew they had different sizes) it can be very daunting. There is very few sources out there that will highlight the positives and demonstrate the negatives. We find we learn from our mistakes and come up with the most ingenious solutions, so why not show the drama’s the struggles and the laughs along the way. You might learn something.