Mike's Memoir - #1 - A Welcome Push from Behind

It's not every day that I get the chance to do the blog, normally that's because I am normally behind the wheel or under the bonnet of the race car. Well this weekend we aren't racing so I have a little bit of spare time to talk to you guys.

We decided to make the most of our spare time and go out for a trip down to see our sponsors. Although it is still racing orientated it's more a break for us, there's no pressure to make timings and we get to see part of the world we haven't really taken in before, it really is quite pretty down here and with it being central to so many tracks I really can see the appeal. So after a nice walk around the sponsor site and finally being able to put faces to names we head off out into the countryside to find somewhere to eat, a quick check in on social media and the notifications figuratively came pouring in, people asking why we were in their area, advising us to go see certain sites, or even telling us to go round for a brew (as long as we help get the engine out his Porsche). My point is I really love the racing family, I have friends in social circles I could never hope to reach, I know people from parts of the world I have never seen, and instantly both me and Lyndsay are welcomed into a city by the people in and around this area that race.

Its mostly the same at race events as well, watching people struggle if only for a moment before others descend in to offer a hand, some advice, or just a beer. Obviously that changes once the visor is down but then that's the nature of the sport. I understand I'm waffling on but it's my first one, give me a chance.

Basically I am just using this as my chance to say thank you. Thank you to our friends, racing or otherwise, thank you to our sponsors, thank you to my family for rallying behind me, and finally thank you to anyone reading this. By you reading this I am assuming (making an *** out of you and me I know!) that you are a fan or at least a follower, and by that you are one of the reasons I still do this. As you may know from previous posts, at times we struggle with the resources to go racing, I can't lie it stresses me out. This then makes a tough day on the track even tougher. I want to share a quick memory from this season, I was having a tough time at Cadwell Park, I had qualified badly and crashed on the first lap of the first race, when I came in I locked myself away in the van and honestly, I didn't want to go out the next day for race 2. Cadwell was the first time we had tried to go live during a race, I decided to look back through the footage. During this I seen how many people were watching me, ME! why do you want to watch me? but even still you guys (and girls) did, you stuck by me and you literally cheered me on, I couldn't stop smiling. Not to sound like Nigel Mansell but you guy are worth 3 seconds a lap, I was dying to get out there and get going.

So I say this and really, really, mean it.....



...Thank you.