Its Been A Long Time...

Summer is over and the tree's are already loosing their leaves. I only know this as I was still blasting the summer tunes, sunglasses on trying to pretend I was as cool as Plateo drifting round the street corners, only to be brought back down from the clouds with a bang. When I suddenly started spinning round on rather slippy leaves and heard nothing but squeals coming from myself as I remembers that I was not a touring car great but rather a 26 year old girl with now smudged red lipstick and 'I-did-NOT-boss-this' sad look on my face. 


However my sins can be forgiven, the absence  from the social media world and continuous carrying of the camera in everyones face was due to some exciting news. 


EST. 2017


Oh, and we have been enjoying a lot of summer adventures. We have been visiting our partners around the country and by around I mean, south. We will of course be doing a few (very late) blog posts about the visits and why we chose to spend yet another birthday weekend away 'racing'. Does it count as racing if we weren't running after racing drivers who forgot their gloves and a lot of 'I don't know where the spanner went!' comments. Hmmm, well it was technically racing related so I say Mike owes me yet another birthday. 

I shall leave this blog post here.

Short & Sweet

We are so glad to be back.