Donington Park 2017 - The Last Minute of the Last Minute


The final round for 2017 arrived and flew by so fast. It is one I think I will remember for the rest of my life. The championship is not one thing I really talk about and this will not be any different, however the weekend was one that came down to the wire for our driver. 


Now I need to give some back story. This weekend is going to be one that goes down in history of the championship. There was 6 written off cars in one race in one accident, then two in another not even to mention how many trips the ambulance had to do. It was especially panicking for myself. I work for the BRSCC Championship as a Co-ordinator & Social Media Person.... it's kind of unofficial helping with a lot of my face. Anyway, I also have some beautiful ladies that I do it along side me. All of us have partners that race, all of their partners were involved in the accidents, one of them even had to be sent to the hospital. Worse moment in my career to date. Both cars written off. 

Then it was Mike's turn to race.


But it was all OK because I took the hit for him, literally.


There I was just minding my own business getting some states and photos on the pit wall, when a stone fell off one of the cars, hit the tyre and got thrown through the gap of the pit wall exactly where I happened to be standing. BANG - right on the head. So after I was finally cleared to continue for work I felt the hex was over. 

Mike came second in class in the final minute of the final lap in the final race of the final weekend of 2017. 


It was another hard weekend as the car had a mass water leak which we only found when pulling the car onto the trailer to GO to the event. I swear there is a pixie that lives in this car only breaks things as we are going to the events. 

But as per usual the guys are great and spent most of the Friday night fixing it. I also spent most of Friday night setting up HQ. Swiftly followed by my face becoming acquaintances with the pillow.  I have become quite comfortable now sleeping in a van with the doors wide open and strangers walking pass and seeing me curled up in a ball. 

The next night we had planed a little thank you surprise of a movie projected on to the pit wall with pizza. However we all fell asleep within the first 5 minutes of the movie and woke up freezing cold with sore necks. 

Race weekends are a thing of beauty. 

I shall see you guys soon,