Croft Circuit 2017 - SURPRISE SURPRISE

As the title may state there was a little bit of a surprise going into Croft.



I know that this is a racing blog however this is a massive part of Close Racing history. We are finally making Lyndsay an official 'Close'. 


Anyway onto the racing. 

There was a lot. 

To be honest, whatever happened and whatever I write next, does not matter. Its a local track. You have no idea what it means to us to be able to say that, Croft is a great circuit, not great on the facilities but it is northern. OK so it is still two hours SOUTH for us but we knew no matter what happens or when we leave we are still going to be home in pjs and a brew before midnight. Hence why this is our favourite part of the racing calendar. 

Anyway, yes, mike drove, mike drove well. No spin outs this year thank lord. He started in the B group which was no surprise as yet again Rose was starting to act out. As a young team we do not have any time or money to test so normally when we go out for qualifying it is our 'testing'. After looking at the results from race-to-race, year-to-year you can clearly see Mike always starts off lower and then gains dramatically by the end. So, again starting in the B's in 10th for race two, by the first corner he was already 3rd. Sadly, due to a racing incident you seen Mike finish in 6th. What a race though, I've never seen so many guys cheer him on lap after lap. As I keep drumming on and on, its a local track, which meant we accidentally ran into people we have meet over the years which came out to support us. 


We did have our completion winner join us and a few familiar fan's faces, even some younger fans to! 

On a side note, a little message for Croft itself -


I did not enjoy the endless walks. 

I didn't take my bike or scooter or walking shoes as I was not expecting this. I was not a happy bunny. 




After Anglesey we were really hoping to have been finished with the wet conditions. NOPE.

I was wrong. 

Croft is a very special place that you only truly understand if you have attended. You find it rains all day but somehow walk away with sunburn. Scientists have less answers to this than the Bermuda triangle. So the weather, it rained as everyone was preparing the cars to go onto track. It then got very warm and fry, very fast, as they went onto track. Typical. 

Mike found his weekend was a good test run for the F1 tyre changing team. He was always out on a dry track with his wets on and vice vera. But to say he still managed to run with the front pack all weekend on wets in dry and drys in wet is pretty impressive. 

So, we made it home, pjs on and brew in hand by 23:54.

I was impressed. 



Can someone please build more tracks North? Oh and if we are doing this, closer to a Domino's. I did not like having to wait 2 hours for it to be delivered.