Cadwell Park 2017 - HILL'S!! Just No..


So far this year has seen us revisit our past circuits from our first year racing way back when in 2015. 

We saw mike at Brans Hatch in 2015 win his first ever thropie and then seen him 2 years later bring home even more silver wear. I have had footage of Mike going up mountain in a plane little Mazda, from 2015 on my phone to which I found the exact same video taken this year, only difference was it now has decades annnnd his brakes were slightly on fire!  

During the weekend we seen our crew go to big heights running around the pitch black paddock at a silly O'clock in the morning only to be saved by the only other northern team around. Geordies.... don't know if much more can be said. 

So in a nut shell - brakes failed, smashed wing, OSF wing mirror took a trip and was later found in the footwell, brakes went on fire, alcohol beverages where requires.

But in all we came away smiling as Cadwell Park, it's just lovely. Expect the hills. No one likes hills. 


No thropies this time but a hell of race. One race seen Mike start from the pit lane for technical reasons and ended up coming fourth out over 22+ 

We we're very proud this weekend oh our little driver. Next time just less fires.