Burping Car's?

Today I learnt how to burp our little Mazda. No, seriously. 

So last year sadly mike went off at Anglesey in spectacular fashion, and even though we didn't know it at the time it was a blessing in disguise. Once we got the car back to paddock and I had a cup of tea to calm my good self down, we found out we had coolant issues. Not to bore anyone, but we spent most of last year trying to fix it. 

At the time we just had to throw water at it and get back out on track. Which was fine but mike did think he was having a stroke. Turned out the water we put in was out of a water tank that used to contain strawberry flavouring!! Which meant the car was smelling of strawberries every time it ran - Bonus. 

Today we decided that maybe smelling of strawberries shouldn't really be a selling point of the Close Racing HQ - so a flush, a bang and burp later we are sorted. 


Royal Purple were able to supply us with a Royal Flush - Cooling System Flush, that sorted the whole system out. The flush gave the race car a good old clean out and left it sparkling. 

In a round up, the Flush clears out any germs that might be sitting in you cooling system (and strawberries). Then when we added in Royal Purples 'Purple Ice' we had to get rid of any air pockets; hence burp the car. Thankfully it wasn't sick on my shoulder. 

I think my mechanic points are on the rise to getting me a gold star by the end of the week! ⭐️ 


Now time to have a water fight.