Bank Accounts Are Meant To Be Red Right?

Well, it's come to that time again where pot-noodles are happening.

Everyone always jokes that there is a point in time where they had no funds to go food shopping, I personally can remember a few where Budweiser and Chocolate Digestives where a stable supplement in my diet. However so far we have completed x2 rounds of racing in the same month as major race car and road car repairs. Leaving two very sad co-CEO's sitting in the dark and eating lukewarm pot-noodles. 

Don't get me wrong I am not here looking for sympathy, I am here however to let anyone reading this have a more truthful insight into racing without financial support. It's not pretty, it's not cheap and its definitely not alway fun, and if I find anymore tyres in my house I may move and not tell Mike. Honestly, I walked into the downstairs toilet room and was greeted with the 'spare tyres'.....floor to ceiling *shakes head at the flashback*. I just shut the door and walked away.

However it does mean we are free to live and race whenever, wherever and if want to up and go  we can with no ties. However what does come as a shock to the system is when your passenger in the race van has to rugby tackle the queue at the petrol station to inform them that we are trying to fill the van, jerry cans and race car before the alarm in the station fires up stating someone is trying to steal fuel! The constant late nights and lack of understanding from your neighbours when you arrive home and have to take the race car off the tailor at 01:00AM right through to your boss who doesn't understand why taking a Friday off every 3 weeks and then arriving dead on Monday morning is actually no big deal. At least we made it in unlike the evening we experienced a blow out on the van, towing the trailer, after a 20 hour day, in the rain, at 2am, with no way home other than pushing it the rest of the 98 miles...

What we do have however is a team that sacrifices everything and shares the pain equally. From giving up their holidays and time to come help a team that needs it, to them cooking for the three teams next to us who are also unsupported. It becomes a life lesson in giving. 

I have never met so many wonderful, unselfish and down to earth people. Those that experience the struggle but still come to support those that need it are amazing. 

We may not have two pennies to rub together and do not know if the leaking calliper may ever get fixed, but what we can do is say THANK YOU.

This post is for those that have the passion and drive to keep going, even when you can't. 



Mortgages are over rated anyway....