Anglesey Circuit 2017 - IT'S RAINING SIDEWAYS!

Yes, Anglesey was really that long ago. 

But I don't care, I loved Anglesey and it will forever be one of my favourite circuits. Not because of the track, mind you I have never driven it so I cant say for certain but it looks boring. Straight - Hairpin - Straight - Hairpin.... I mean would it kill someone to chuck in chicane. It is one of my favourites because of the memories we all find ourselves making. Lets all get a brew, tuck in the blanket nearest us and get comfy.


Up so early that our dogs told us to go away, the sky was still black and mikes face was firmly still in a pillow with no intentions to of going anywhere. Large cold glass of water not only panicked the dogs but also assisted with getting Mike out of pillow land. Typically we left late, but that was our fault, and the local take away for being so close to our house leaving us with no will power, or any form of motivation to pack the van the night before. This time round we had a stowaway in the van so I got my best hostess face on and made us a nice little table between the seats, pillows and blankets. Matty as he is called was coming with us to support Mike and Anthony with a few technical issues. 


Right, lets draw it back a bit.. last year we had a lot of issues with the race car after a big accident which just so happened to be at Anglesey. Mike blew his radiator and we ended up having a strawberry smelling coolant filled race car for a while, see my blog about burping the car for a recap. But what we didn't know was poor race car Rose was sadly fighting a losing battle ever since. We finally sourced the reason for the lack of power... Timing. 

No, it was the timing of the Crank, not that we have bad timing.

So, we take apart the race car with less than a week to go before we are supposed to be at Anglesey to find Rose's engine is old school and the timing pulley was not in commission anymore. The pulley had teeth missing and the belt was damaged. Leading us to have the dreaded, None-Starter. We ordered the part off a website and prayed it come in time before we left. Nope, came 2 hours after we hit the road. However in the panic, a life saver moment appeared from Martin who owns Go 4 It Racing ( came to the rescue. 

Van journeys can get a little crazy up in Close Racing. I mean when you realise that you are heading to wales you need to learn to speak like local. After all, how do they say cow anyway. We decided that its pronounced 'K-uew-a'. 

13:30 - ARRIVAL


We got here much later than intended. 

Now time to get the water pump, timing belt and all around enginey-ness sorted.



The guys worked through the night, while I slept, with the van doors open, probably with my mouth open to. But the good news is we have a engine that starts. 

However.... due to it being built through the night we are unable to test it. 

Here goes nothing. 


The car lives and runs pretty well. Mike took it a bit gentle to ensure he got the car home. But come the first race that was it, mike took about a billion places by the first corner, man that lad can start. We did alright through out the day, car still running ok. Check list complete-ish. I even got roped into sandpapering the wheels to clean the marble off. Yes I said sandpaper, no not a sponge. Because of the conditions the car goes through it has so much stuck on the white rims it is a bugger to get off. 


Beer was opened. Feet up (for the women) and time to cook tea.

Not to go off on a bit of a tangent but why is there no cooking recipes for those that travel and have limited access to cooking utilities. I really want to make sure that we as a team eat healthy and give us the nutrition to keep us all going. Plus have you ever tried racing with heartburn? Its not easy living in a paddock. 

So, I decided on making fajita for all. 

One of these days I am going to invest in making a cook book for paddocks, quick tips and advise on food. Nothing fancy as I don't really understand all these micronutrients and calorie counting malarkey.



SUNDAY 19:02 - going home


It rained,


It rained a lot.


Do not wear UGG boots in wales, they do not survive.


We did not come away with any trophies this time round however we did win the battle against the odds. We left Northumberland without anything to make the engine turn on. The only thing that moved the car was these feet of mine. By the way how heavy is 960 kilos!! That's mike and rose's combined racing weight. Fat git. 

So with no formal training, no equipment, no parts, we still succeeded. 

It would not be possible without the community of the BRSCC MAZDA's, thats why we always still go. As long as you go with hope there will be someone waiting in the paddock with a spanner in hand and just enough knowledge to 'get away with it' and if your really lucky, someone has a half stuck together, ripped, loved and battered Haynes Manual for a Mazda Mk1. 


Thanks lads,