Im not sure what the neighbours will think.

Ok, so we may have made a bit of a decision. 

We have upgraded our little Audi A5 which was so kind to put up with all our testing times traveling the UK with our race car 'Rose', for a some what not easy to say ambuullaaannceeee... and when I say ambulance I do not mean 'we-whoa' flashing blue lights kind of a thing. Think more your poor nanna who cant drive and no one is free to take her for a run of the mill appointment at the hospital. Taxi for the poorly - kind of a thing.

So it came with a more than useless transponder radio and a few to many seat's (like 12, all with double harnesses!). The most surprising of all was the fact it came with a lift on the rear of the van to load wheelchairs. After many an axel grinder later the lift has now been removed by yours truly and Sir Wor Mike. Whoever says I don't get my hands dirty may just want to hold said tongue right about now. 

So a XXXXXLWB Merc Sprinter Van was brought home and sent to bed.


You could see it over the fence. 

Mike had second thoughts.

I caught the neighbours staring in their garden.


All fun and games, kind of, not really. I miss the Audi. 

But Chuggaboom was named and now here we are, slowly but surly doing her up to be racing ready along with all the other boys at the Paddock. 

You really do want to pop back see what happens on this one. God knows it is going to be interesting.