What do you do?

In short; we race, run a team, and help others get where the want.

Why should we race with you?

Because race car? We understand there are plenty of companies out that do what we do, but none of them will treat you like part of the team like we do. We will get you off the sofa, on the track and staying there. We don’t think that the racing stops just because we go home. Our commitment to you goes beyond just being track side. Get in touch to find out why we do what we do, so you can do what you want to do with no worries. We also bring cake...Sometimes.

What is a race team?

It is your supportive backbone to make sure you get everything you need before, during, and after your time on track.  When your life suddenly gets measured in milliseconds, your going to need someone behind you that understands the value of your time. When you are out there on track you don’t  want to be thinking about if you put that screw back on or not. Leave it to the family you leave in the pit lane.

What do you after the racing is finished?

Racing never finishes, it’s always on our minds. However bill’s do need paid so in another life, Mike is a test and development engineer working on robotics, and Lyndsay controls warranty for a road car company.

So you race cars? Do you do anything else?

Yes. We have a BIG toolbox full of tricks. Some of our favourite include being a after dinner speaker, or an engineer, right through to TV presenting. There is not much out there that we can't throw our two pence into.

How do we sponsor you?

We take sponsorship seriously to assist us in doing more. We want to keep growing and take more of you with us. Get in touch with us at hello@closeracing.co.uk if you are interested in becoming one of our partners.

Can I donate?

We support a vast range of charities, however we are fortunate enough to be able to focus our efforts back to those that have helped us along the way. If you would like to donate to any of the causes we support please click here to help us help them help others.

What can a race company do for my business?

Do you have employees that would work harder if they knew that they could win the chance to drive a real race car on track? have you struggled with getting your brand outside of your current market? I thought as much. We can do so much for a variety of companies, Please get in touch Hello@closeracing.co.uk

How do I become a driver?

We have a tried and tested process for getting you off the sofa and into a race seat. Whatever your skill level, it doesn’t matter. Our check box does not get ticked until we get you to your end goal. We just need one thing from you - Commitment.

How do I start racing?

Do you need to get a race licence? - We got you. We can train you and get you comfortable so when you walk into the exam you can do it with a smug face.

Do you just need someone to help you get into a championship? - We got you. First time ever going to a race weekend and competing. Its daunting. We can take care of all the admin, race prep and worries for you, so you can turn up knowing your covered. 

I don’t want to compete but I want to drive a race car?

That's cool. We can get you out on track for a day and let you take the wheel for the whole day. Don’t want to come alone? Bring a couple of friends and they can live life in the fast lane too! Then to finish off, you can experience what it is like to be a passenger to a real racing driver. Don't have any friends? Even better, get in some private tuition as part of the package and learn some moves for your own catalogue.

Can you do more than Mazda Racing?

Hell Yeah! - Our Mike has experience in the big league under the Ginetta GT4 Supercup and Mazda MX5 Supercup. Alongside competing as a driver in C1 endurance racing and more, we can always help anyone wanting to do 4 wheel circuit racing.

I don’t know where to start!

Don’t panic, it is very daunting but we have a plenty of guides to assist. Your first step is simple, talk to us.

I have raced before but it's been a while / I have raced something different before.

The concept is the same just the approach is a little different. We can help you by taking the pressure off whether it be sorting out all the race entry and sourcing parts for you.