We like to share the success with our partners that have joined us through our journey so far. 

Our mantra of business is to enjoy the journey through partnership. We support each other through thick and thin as some would say. We do not deal with the fleeting few but would rather put our effort in supporting those that want to grow with us. As a company in a competitive world we may be a little wet behind the ears, but we will give every effort to post, share, like and support through positive reinforcement.


 We are a business that only deals in POSITIVity


Our mam's taught us that if you have nothing nice to say, just divn't say it at all.  

If we can not help for any unknown reason we will ALWAYS point you to those that can.

We share the success and all we ask for in return is the same. 



Royal Purple UK

Also better known as Advanced Lubrications Solutions 

Newcastle | 2015

An oil disrupter with a vast knowledge in the racing industry. The company are a large supporter of a few selected racing teams and championships. A great solution for anyone needing that little extra something for their engine.

Plus what could be better than everything being purple.



Worldwide company with a HQ based in Australia

Rugby, UK | 2016 

A company who loves to love mechanics. They are a supplier of anything and everything motor related; that cure, fix and prevent a vast range of automotive headaches. 

These products are trusted through out the UK in numerous high end garage groups. We can personally recommend them. 


Autosports apparel co.

Designer, supplier & so much more than just clothing.

Peterborough | 2017

A true motorsport fan that we believe took his passion and talent and turned into something great. A place for fans, family and anybody with petrol in their veins. 

We are currently collaborating with this company to bring you direct access to our teams pit wear.