It's Race Season!



I can’t believe it is race season either, even if it did technically start last weekend, so I’m late to the game celebrating but I was so excited that I spent my whole time watching it not talking about it. However now I have had my first fix I think I am slowly returning from cloud nine.

We kicked it off by attending our little Mazda’s first group outing at Brands Hatch. It was amazing to go and see everyone again, it was like a movie scene when the cast get reunited. However, there were so many new faces it was hard to keep up. Now, I am not going to pretend I have already learnt everyone’s names but a trick to the trade is learning the cars livery. Down side, you tend to only recognise the drivers with their helmets on.

It was a good weekend, but it did come with a few typical ‘first weekend’ outcomes. There was damage, there were defiantly lessons learned and of course I got my workout in running after drivers as usual.

BTCC are also kicking off their year with a wee trip to Brands Hatch. TSL is constantly on the radio in the garage back home, and AJKTV re-runs are blasting Andy McEwan voice around the office.

All this excitement has Mike running from the race car to the TV and back again (good, it makes up for him skipping the gym this week).

This is being kept short and sweet as we can hear the sound of rumbling engines outside.


Till next time,

CR Team