30 years of magnificent Miata’s

There was a big birthday for the Mazda family this week and a lot of people across the world got involved. It was the celebration of Mazda MX-5, it has been a long journey but shockingly it still only 30 years young!

To celebrate Mazda threw a big party – as we all would – there was plenty of Mazda MX-5’s to go round, with the colour scheme sporting the new racing orange created for all the new limited editions. It was nice to hear that even after all this time that the Mazda MX5 Miata is showing to have a bright future. Obviously, this celebration was to look at the road car mostly but that’s not how we kick it round here. We take things to the track.

A little roadster once upon a time had big dreams of living life to the max. The saying in the Mazda HQ is ‘Jinba lttai’ – A feeling of oneness that makes driving something to fall in love with. We feel this every time that ‘ON’ switch is flicked up and a little roar vibrates through the car right into our fingertips gripped around the worn out steering wheel. Being in our little MK1 we can feel the passion given to these little beauties back in the 90’s. We walked passed a nut and bolt the other day and instantly new that came off a front bumper of an MX5. We love these little roadsters. they’re unmistakably timeless, the sweeping lines and above all else, the simplicity of what is just metal essentially.

But its not though is it? For those seen on the road, those gone down the mad-max route or like us, those who took the MX5 and given it a new lease of life as a race car, everyone loves them. A Million sales and four generations later we are still turning our heads when one goes past. Mazda describes that this edition of the family belongs to the fans and no one else.

Mazda sees a future for these. The racing orange colour will be splashed across all the new limited edition, a new colour that is to show the breaking of dawn on the next chapter. What will come of it we don’t know. But what we are sure is that the Mazda Race Cars like ours will not be going anywhere.

Now lets Zoom Zoom to the race season ahead.

CR Team