Firstly we feel that we need to apologise, as there hasn’t been a write up for Croft or Donington. This has been mostly down to starting a new 9 to 5 and life being pretty busy. Sorry.

2015 was our first ever season in motor sports of any kind. It has been heart breaking, exciting, expensive, and with out doubt the most fun we have had. We personally owe so much to our friends and family for the support that they have shown over the past months, sleeping at cold racetracks and travelling the length and width of the country just to watch our little Mazda fly past for a few seconds a lap. But it’s that kind of commitment, and that kind of passion, that drives us forward. With out our family and friends we couldn’t dream of being here and doing this.

Our season started at the second meeting of the season, Brands Hatch. This was one, we were assured, we couldn’t miss. The BRSCC Mazda Championship where supporting the Blanc Pain Endurance series. For those of you that have not heard of it, it’s worth a look. So with Brand Hatch full of spectators Mike took to the track for his first ever time. Due to a slight problem with the car he entered the track late enough that those qualifying were just starting their flying laps, it truly was a baptism of fire. We finished the weekend on a high with a group “C” podium.

Moving through the season and a very wet Rockingham saw our first crash and truly showed us the importance of “wet” tyres. Cadwell Park allowed us to finally start showing our colours pushing our way through the pack, sometimes literally. Croft was our home race and Mike was nipping at the heals of the “A” racers, ending the weekend with a group “B” podium. Second of the season. Finally! At the last meeting of the season we did it, we broke into the “A” races. Mike had a race long battle with AK Automotive’s David Henderson and Blendini’s Michael Lawson to finish 3rd and secure his promotion to the top flight.

As the season draws to a close we look to 2016, and we have a lot to push for. Mike’s aiming to progress through the grid and become and regular face in group “A”, we are looking to find a sponsor, and our little Mazda? You’ll have to wait and see.


Thank you for all your support.

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